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Emotional Moment

This is the first time I have ever heard of federal employees, including senior leadership defying the edicts of the incoming administration. Highly unusual. People in this country should be paying serious attention to this. Continue reading

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Fighting to be Objective

I probably say this a lot, but it bears repeating.  I am a proud civil servant (retired) who worked in different agencies during my career.  This gives me insight into the workings of a variety of federal organizations across republican … Continue reading

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Back at It

Time to get back at it. The federal workforce may be coming upon yet another challenging period. A new administration enters into power in a few days. Many civil servants don’t really know what will happen.  Any change of administration … Continue reading

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Another One? Enough is enough.

Ten days and counting away from another potential federal government shutdown.  Joe Davidson, Federal Diary of the Washington Post has an article summarizing a thought-provoking report by the Partnership for Pubic Service entitled “Government Disservice.” Here’s the link to download … Continue reading

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The 114th Congress is in Session

Those who lost in the last election have left.  Those voted in and returning have been sworn in where appropriate.  Now what? For the federal government and the federal workforce, there are some mixed signals.  Here are some things to consider. … Continue reading

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