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Fighting to be Objective

I probably say this a lot, but it bears repeating.  I am a proud civil servant (retired) who worked in different agencies during my career.  This gives me insight into the workings of a variety of federal organizations across republican … Continue reading

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Alarmingly Useless

Reducing the federal workforce does nothing to fix our nation’s serious problems. It just gives people someone to blame thus providing a distraction. Continue reading

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Back at It

Time to get back at it. The federal workforce may be coming upon yet another challenging period. A new administration enters into power in a few days. Many civil servants don’t really know what will happen.  Any change of administration … Continue reading

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Another One? Enough is enough.

Ten days and counting away from another potential federal government shutdown.  Joe Davidson, Federal Diary of the Washington Post has an article summarizing a thought-provoking report by the Partnership for Pubic Service entitled “Government Disservice.” Here’s the link to download … Continue reading

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Aahhh, A Bright Spot, Almost

An article in the Washington Post titled “The IRS isn’t the only agency with an e-mail problem ” is a bright spot in this missing e-mails debate.  This article written by Melanie Sloan and Anne Weismann indicates that there is … Continue reading

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