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Emotional Moment

This is the first time I have ever heard of federal employees, including senior leadership defying the edicts of the incoming administration. Highly unusual. People in this country should be paying serious attention to this. Continue reading

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Attrition is nothing new

Really! Again? House Makes It Easier to Cut Federal Employees’ Pay, Slash Workforce Every administration has goals and promises to meet for its constituents.  Each one seems to have a focus on reducing the federal workforce and cutting their pay … Continue reading

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A True Test of Bipartisanship?

You probably know that I am particularly concerned about the state of the U.S. transportation system.  Most of us take for granted that our local roads, bridges, highways will remain in reasonably good shape for our use day-to-day. I believe people think … Continue reading

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What’s in DHS, really?

I don’t see a lot of front page news about the potential shutdown of The Department of Homeland Security.  I don’t see a lot of commentary on the TV news I watch daily.  I am concerned about this.  I was … Continue reading

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New Book Offers Strong Defense of Importance of Federal Civil Service

For Immediate Release New Book Offers Strong Defenseof Importance of Federal Civil Service Washington, D.C.– Two recently retired high-level federal managers, with over 65 years of experience between them, in a newly released book offer a strong defense of why federal government service … Continue reading

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