In the news again?

The dust has barely settled on the showdown regarding funding the Department of Homeland Security when the U.S. Secret Service returns to the front pages of our local and national newspapers and journals and on just about every news channel you can think of. Probably hit social media as well.

Why?  You know the story. Secret Service agents behaving unbecoming the agency they represent may have even broke a law or two but that’s to be determined.  Right now they’ve been transferred…somewhere.

The truly disturbing part is that the agents involved were leaders/managers in their organization(s).  They impact the day to day actions of the agents they supervise, both experienced and new.  These agents are the ones who are supposed to hold those they manage to high standards of conduct.

The celebration they attended is not the issue.  Its what happened afterwards.

Fox News gives the latest on this most recent episode.

I believe this to be an example of ‘leadership in crisis’ in the federal government.  There are leadership issues at all levels of the federal government, not just the top levels, for many reasons. I’ll talk about this in another blog post.

In the meantime, I wanted to pass along some information on what the U.S. Secret Service is really supposed to do.  We know it guards the President and others.  It may be that the Secret Service has somehow lost its way or just has unclear priorities.  This summary gives a good overview of the evolution of the Secret Service.

United States Secret Service, Secret Service History

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I am a proud thirty-year federal employee and civil servant. Now retired. As a creative writer (both traditional and innovative), I provide a fresh perspective with a sound foundation in all my work. I am a researcher, writer and speaker with a love of the written word and in search of the truth.
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2 Responses to In the news again?

  1. audendj says:

    I heard about the drunk driving but not about the package. That’s terrifying. You got to wonder, if senior level agents act like this, how do the other agents conduct themselves?

  2. djaubey says:

    You are absolutely right. This is why the federal government has a crisis in leadership. You do what you see your leaders do. Pretty basic.

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