The 114th Congress is in Session

Those who lost in the last election have left.  Those voted in and returning have been sworn in where appropriate.  Now what? For the federal government and the federal workforce, there are some mixed signals.  Here are some things to consider.

In the news, House and Senate members planned to introduce a bill  this week to give federal workers a 3.8% pay raise in 2016.   This bill was actually introduced last year but didn’t go anywhere.

Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Administration introduced legislation that would give the Veterans Affairs secretary the authority to get back the bonuses paid to VA employees under certain circumstances.

The President signed a memorandum to increase the amount of paid sick leave advanced to federal employees indicating that this is an attempt to recruit and retain talented individuals and improve productivity.

Federal employees received a 1% pay raise beginning this month.  A 1% raise 2 years in a row.  I guess its better than nothing.

And finally, the Secret Service is working to remove 4 of its senior leaders and 2 others are retiring following up on the reported security lapses of agency personnel.

I expect this to be another year of challenges and continued mixed signals, particularly due to the 2016 elections.  As new things come up or updates on items in this release, I will put them here to keep you informed.

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About djaubey

I am a proud thirty-year federal employee and civil servant. Now retired. As a creative writer (both traditional and innovative), I provide a fresh perspective with a sound foundation in all my work. I am a researcher, writer and speaker with a love of the written word and in search of the truth.
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