Federal Government investing in its workforce? I hope so.

The new OPM Director, Katherine Archuleta, was quoted as saying that she is  “focused on how to take the talent, experience and wisdom of our employees and build upon it.”  I truly hope this is true.  – http://m.govexec.com/management/2014/02/opm-director-feds-i-am-here-you/79642/?oref=govexec_today_nl

In the beginning of my career as a civil servant, employees received training starting in our first few weeks on the job.  We at least had to understand the agency’s mission and our individual strengths and weaknesses.  We received a nice folder that included the office directory, important numbers, how to apply for training and how to apply for leave.

If we worked real hard someone usually noticed our potential and put us in leadership training. We learned the characteristics of good leaders.  We learned team building and communication skills and time management and we grew strong technical work skills and abilities along the way because of this investment in us.

When I retired from the federal government a couple of years ago, training was not a priority.  Few people were sent to training.  If you got any training it was the free online stuff.  Not very substantial.

The new OPM Director has said that she will invest in the federal workforce again,  This means substantial investment in training them and promoting them based on their performance and leadership potential.

Before I get all hopeful about this, I must say that I remain skeptical.  There have been many leaders who came into the federal government saying they will make real change.  This time, at least for me, I need to see it…


About djaubey

I am a proud thirty-year federal employee and civil servant. Now retired. As a creative writer (both traditional and innovative), I provide a fresh perspective with a sound foundation in all my work. I am a researcher, writer and speaker with a love of the written word and in search of the truth.
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