Eye Catching Headlines

I was reading a blog regarding misleading headlines.  You know misleading headlines.  Headlines made to capture your immediate attention to get you to stop and read them.  I agree with that blog and found a good example.  So now I try to pay more attention to headlines for truth.

I missed this headline somehow, but it came to my attention via a Government Executive response article the next day on the same subject.  These may be a bit old, but if you are not aware of these articles, you should take note.  The discussion is quite interesting. Now folks are counting the number of days federal employees in DC are not at work.  Amazing.  Anyone counting how often Congress is not at work?  Should be an interesting statistic.

1. Money for nothing: Feds in D.C. closed 25% of the time

Fiscal year 2014 off to slow start

By Stephen Dinan Tuesday, Feb 18th

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/feb/18/for-federal-employees-office-often-closed-25-of-fi/#ixzz2uMYSBaR9

2.  Have Feds Been Off the Job 25 Percent of the Time This Fiscal Year

By Tom Shoop February 19, 2014


I have to stop going away for a few days.  I miss really good stuff!


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I am a proud thirty-year federal employee and civil servant. Now retired. As a creative writer (both traditional and innovative), I provide a fresh perspective with a sound foundation in all my work. I am a researcher, writer and speaker with a love of the written word and in search of the truth.
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