Expectations for 2014 ( A nice comment – finally)

Check out the article in today’s Washington Post entitled “Not a promise, but expect no furloughs in 2014” by Joe Davidson, Federal Diary.  This covers a conversation with House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md).  He is quoted as saying that “Our federal employees, in my view – its the best civil service in the world.”  

It does my heart good to here support for those who hold tough jobs in this nation.  Jobs where employees work hard every day but are denigrated by their own leadership.  Where in the world would this happen?  Would the president of any company talk badly about his or her own employees?  No way.  This would cause poor morale.  Poor morale means poor performance which is very bad for business.  

Please help me understand this.  How does putting down your own workforce make anything better?



About djaubey

I am a proud thirty-year federal employee and civil servant. Now retired. As a creative writer (both traditional and innovative), I provide a fresh perspective with a sound foundation in all my work. I am a researcher, writer and speaker with a love of the written word and in search of the truth.
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